Нашата активистка Мила Шопова, дел од работната група Солидарност за Мобилност, со текст за бегалската криза, со особен фокус на настаните од декември 2015 и транснационалната солидарност и поддршка за бегалците и економските мигранти:

The discrepancies between the lived realities of those now at our European borders and the political solutions adopted by state leaders build on a critique of the reasoning behind the separation of refugees and migrants as categories eligible or not for humanitarian protection. […] Social justice, anti-war and anti-racist groups have pushed this critique further. Standing in solidarity also with the refuge seekers forgotten and protesting at Eidomeni who were labelled economic migrants, they have emphasized the different forms of violence unleashed in the conditions of a globalized political and economic system and its ongoing “war on terror,” not recognized as international warfare. These include the infrastructure shattered by drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, forced labor in Bangladesh and Eritrea, dispossession in the occupied Western Sahara and Palestine in a repressive political and settler system. All of these places where the distribution of opportunities and benefits are ever more restricted or non-existent are countries of origin for the people barred entry at the Greek-Macedonian border and onto the European Union. Their social histories ignored, people on the move from these and other places are denied as referents to the present, interlocutors in a transhistorical world and vilified, when, as political actors they organize for their struggle.


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