We join the call for a #StateOfSolidarity by the transnational network which today announces its joint action.

We call upon the governments and the citizens of EU states and other countries, including Macedonia, whose migration policies reflect the EU decisions, to rethink the logic driving their policies which divides people into economic migrants and refugees. This categorization ignores the different forms of violence present in the context of ever increasing exploitation of labor and militarization in the global economic and political system.

By this logic, refugees are presented as victims who are forced to move, while economic migrants as people who willingly decide to move in pursuit of an economic gain.

Today, we remind of the ongoing dispossession perpetrated by the Moroccan authorities in occupied Western Sahara in order to clear up space for foreign investors from Europe.

We remind of the decades-long dispossession and violence in Palestine.

We remind of the history of Italian and British colonial rule in Eritrea which persists through new forms of repression and state control favoured by foreign trade deals tolerating forced labor in mines ran by Canadian companies!

We remind of the US-backed drone campaigns in Pakistan since 2004 and Somalia since 2007, which have killed civilians, destroyed infrastructure and made life in these places unbearable!

These are precisely some of the countries that the people who are now being denied entry and transit at the EU borders come from.

Are they economic migrants? Are the reasons for their oppression not a result of political and economic decisions taken in EU countries? Should the Republic of Macedonia, a country with a long history of emigration, continue to uncritically accept the EU migration politics?

Until we ask these questions loud enough, and until the EU and its neighbouring countries change the logic that ignores the root causes for the social disenfranchisement of those on the move today, the numbers will continue to increase. The injustice will persist. This is the real problem!

Declaring a state of emergency, closing the borders and executing additional military attacks are not sustainable solutions. These actions can only mask the consequences.

This is why we join the transnational network today, united around the call for declaring a State of Solidarity! We join future actions for the implementation of an ethical order – one based on justice and equality – beyond the national, ethnic and religious borders.

We call for international solidarity!