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  • Refusing to remain silent whilst confronted with the ever growing class stratification, social injustice and the constantly mounting abject impoverishment of Macedonian citizens;
  • Concerned about the general direction in which the Macedonian society is headed, particularly owing to the retrogression of democratic processes, the rise of corruption and censorship, the political manipulation of ethnic feelings and the entrenchment of an inhumane economic model;
  • Believing there is a need for active organisations which will thoroughly tackle these issues and their root causes, and will contribute to finding sustainable solutions;
  • United in the values of anti-nationalism and our self-cognizance as human beings who believe fundamental issues transcend ethnic differences and go beyond state borders; anti-militarism and peace-making; as well as anti-clericalism, secularism and the fight against the abuse of religion by state and religious authorities, whilst respecting citizens’ right to freedom of religion;
  • Convinced of the possibility of creating a humane, solidarity-focused civil society, founded upon the tenets of equality and parity,

We founded the Leftist Movement Solidarnost, resting upon the idea of creating a socially just and democratic Macedonia, in which citizens will have the opportunity and incentive for active civic engagement, in addition to influence upon the decision-making process.

Solidarnost is a horizontal and inclusive organization. Our driving force is the societal responsibility whereby we should not just talk, but also take action. Hence, we work on the development of a culture of mutual respect, encouragement and motivation, transparency, honesty, solidarity within the organisation among the members themselves, as well as solidarity towards other civil society organisations, groups and initiatives.

As a social actor, Solidarnost gives precedence to:

  • Social justice, grounded in the advancement of workers´rights and socio-economic rights of citizens, as a prerequisite for class stratification reduction and poverty alleviation; we oppose the continual lack of protection against the deleterious consequences on citizens and their humiliation arising from unbridled and corrupt capitalism, which accrues benefits to the few to the detriment of the majority; we strive for equality and parity in terms of citizens’ access to resources, particularly in terms of public goods utilization; we oppose public sector activities destruction or privatisation, as well as their abuse and utilization to attain elitist objectives and amass personal fortune. In lack of guaranteed socio-economic rights and social justice, we consider that democratic culture cannot be fostered in times of abject corruption and partocracy, when clientelism-based relations glaringly delineate power in the hands of the few, whereas the others are reduced to selling their labour so as to eke out an existence. Our struggle is not directed against institutions, but rather we make endeavours to eradicate their corrupt ways and make them more just, responsible, competent and closer to people. We view the following steps as necessary in the fight for social justice: better-quality, accessible and free public services for citizens in the educational and health sector, as well as in terms of social protection; public goods preservation, above all, preservation of potable water, clean air, the environment and all the natural resources that are being ruthlessly sold out. Furthermore, we aspire for social welfare augmentation for the poor and the marginalized, as well as overcoming structural inequalities by means of special programmes and measures, as this is the only way to break the vicious circle of poverty and attain emancipation. 
  • Essential economic changes, resting upon the premise that people should not be slaves to capital, but rather capital should serve citizens. Solidarnost pledges for policies for active economic development stimulation, by means of blending science and commerce, and creation of a knowledge-based economy which will not wreak havoc upon human lives, nor upon the environment; competent and responsible human resources management devoid of prodigality; abandoning the practice of giving preferential treatment to foreign companies over domestic ones; creation of employment and amelioration of employed and unemployed people’s living conditions. Solidarnost pledges for income redistribution policies, by means of instituting a progressive tax system, in view of the fact that this is the only way in which economic growth is sustainable and inclusive. We strive for a decent minimal wage so as to enable each and every employee to have sufficient income for a decent life, as opposed to miserable survival. 
  • The principle of democratic freedom of association and decision-making, freedom of political engagement and equality of citizens, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, religious or any other type of affiliation. We genuinely want to see joyous and civically engaged citizens who enjoy freedom, opportunities and public spaces to associate with one another and voice their attitudes and necessities; whilst at the same time their voices are being heard, notwithstanding their social status and affiliation. Solidarnost aspires for humanisation of all societal spheres – we regard mere interest and short-term benefit as oppressive to human values and virtues within the borders of Macedonia and beyond – thus this should be changed, by setting an example and by taking action. We believe in democracy, work on its establishment, advancement and defense from the corrupt elite, the usurpation and tyranny of the majority, discrimination against minorities, poisoning with hate rhetoric, division and libels. We strive for as widespread as possible implementation of participatory and direct democracy principles, expression of citizens´ attitudes by means of citizens´forums and plenums, public debates and all the types of direct communication regarding issues of paramount importance. Solidarnost glorifies diversity as an advantage, it does not view it as an impediment to progress. At the same time, we aspire for the utmost transparency and openness as regards administrative work and management and we are firm in our posture against corruption of any kind, authoritarian tendencies and forms of governance, as well as their exploitative, manipulative and coercive systems.

Not only do we strive for tolerance, but also we aspire for acceptance and respect of diversity. We emphasize the tenet of solidarity, which is grounded in mutual respect, friendship and awareness of social belonging and responsibility in a community of diversity. We fight to attract more and more people in our struggle against unjust resource distribution, exploitation, violence, racism and against all the chauvinists – gender chauvinism, national chauvinism, social chauvinism and elitist chauvinism; yet first and foremost, we fight to make people see, acquaint themselves with and develop empathy, solidarity and social responsibility, contrary to ideological uniformity. Driven by the notion of mutual respect, we call upon joint engagement of all the individuals and organisations that do not want to witness and withstand subjection to the perpetuation of injustice which has been systematically undermining the societal fabric of the Republic of Macedonia since its independence to this very day.

We will win!